Restorative Dentistry

When you hear the words dentures or bridges, you may not simultaneously think of the term restorative dentistry, but that is precisely what these treatments offer. Patients of Drs. Doug and Dax Martin of Martin Dentistry in Stockton CA should know that they can enjoy a full menu of restorative dentistry when they book a consultation or appointment.

The most common forms of restorative dentistry are:

But you may also hear about bridges, fillings, root canals and even porcelain veneers when a tooth or teeth are being restored. Let’s first consider restorative dentistry and look at the best treatments we offer.

When a tooth has been damaged, it can no longer function in its best and healthiest way. Damage can be through decay or breakage, and it could even be a total loss of a tooth that requires some sort of restoration. We need to restore teeth for a few reasons. The first is that they will always begin or continue to decay, and this can lead to problems with the gum and the jaw.

We also need to restore a tooth or teeth because they are so important to our eating, speaking and general appearance. The loss of teeth changes how we chew, and what we might eat. When there are missing teeth, it makes our speech different because air and the tongue now move differently through the mouth. And losing teeth means that the teeth can shift or the facial muscles are no longer supported and there is just that open space.

When teeth move around, they can begin to experience decay because of the new surfaces exposed, but which we may be unable to easily clean. The bite changes, which can jeopardize the teeth by misaligning them when we speak or eat, leading to breakage or uneven wear. We might even begin dealing with problems like bruxism (grinding the teeth) or TMJ because we have misaligned jaws.

Clearly, this means that restorative dentistry can step in and save the day in a large number of ways. When it is through the use of dentures, it can be partial or full dentures that replace a series of missing teeth. These are not the same as old-fashioned dentures and are molded to fit well and work just like natural teeth. They may even be secured in place using dental implants!

Dental implants are just as they sound and are surgically implanted into the jaw and gum – helping preserve tissue and function while also preventing teeth from moving. Dental crowns replace or protect the original crown, keeping the teeth aligned and also providing fully restored functionality.

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