Dental Crowns

Do you have dental crowns? If you have ever had a root canal, it is likely that you have a crown. Even those with teeth that required a large filling may discover that a crown was used rather than compromising the tooth with a huge filling. Crowns are a wonderful solution to a host of issues, and Drs. Doug and Dax Martin of Martin Dentistry offer our Stockton CA patients a full array of dental crowns and restorative dentistry solutions.

The reason that dental crowns fall under the heading of restorative dentistry is very simple: They fully protect the tooth and allow it to be restored to the fullest function possible.

After all, if you have a treatment like a root canal, the bulk of that tooth’s pulp has to be removed in order for the dentist to reach the root and do all of the necessary work. The tooth is then fully restored when a crown is created to emulate and operate exactly as the original crown.

It is helpful to understand that dental crowns are not crowns in the technical sense. They are more like full, durable covers made of rugged materials that look and function just like a natural tooth. No one will ever be able to tell the difference between a crowned tooth and a natural one. It is why they are used for:

  • Root canals
  • As the upper portion of any dental implant
  • For teeth that have been severely damaged
  • For teeth that would have required overly large fillings
  • When old amalgam (metal) fillings are removed

Quite often, a patient will not have the choice between a filling and dental crowns, though our dentists do discuss every treatment option with you before moving forward in your care. However, if you do have the choice, it is always wisest to opt for the crown. This is the surest way to effectively stop the progress of any sort of decay or damage, limit sensitivity in the tooth and fully restore the function over the long term.

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