There was a time when the idea of dentures would make most people panic. After all, isn’t that something that you found in your grandparents’ bathroom, sitting in a glass of water and looking unappealing and unwelcome? That was then, and this is now, and patients of Drs. Doug and Dax Martin of Martin Dentistry in Stockton, CA will be pleasantly surprised at the many ways that modern dentures can answer their restorative dentistry needs.

Consider that dentures are available as:

Full – This means that your dentures would replace an entire set of upper or lower teeth (or both), looking natural and operating exactly as your original teeth. Today’s dentures can be removable or even fixed in place using dental implants as anchors. They are going to fit closely to the gum, resting comfortably and securely, enabling you to eat, speak and look naturally.

Partial – Just as they sound, partials close the gap when you are missing a series of sequential teeth. Just as full dentures, they too can be fixed into place using dental implants, and they will operate just as reliably as natural teeth.

Why are dentures considered part of restorative dentistry if they are not actually restoring a tooth or teeth? It is because modern restorative dentistry has as a major goal the restoration of the function of your mouth. Thus, if a patient has lost some or all of their teeth, our goal is to use solutions like dentures (whether partials or full) to restore the full function of the mouth.

Remember that the mouth was once full of teeth, and those teeth held the facial tissue in certain way. The loss of the teeth, whether all or just a series, can cause the face to take on a collapsed or aged look. The use of dentures fills out the face once again and ensures that the patient does not look unnaturally old or unwell.

The use of dentures also ensures that the “bite,” which is how the jaws aligned, is restored or retained. This can prevent the development of problems such as TMJ, a jaw issue that can lead to serious head and neck pain over time. And let’s not overlook the fact that dentures restore your way of speaking and eating – guaranteeing a much higher quality of life and improved sense of self-esteem.

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