Sedation Dentistry

The facts and figures are tough to nail down, but it is fair to say that millions of adults avoid dental care – essential dental care – every year because of dental anxiety. This is not a laughing matter, and it is why Drs. Doug and Dax Martin of Martin Dentistry in Stockton CA offer sedation dentistry as a complimentary treatment to patients who suffer from this condition.

The overall health and well being of the human body begins with optimal dental health. If you let your oral health slide, it is going to also affect other areas of your life, health and body. We do  not want anyone to avoid essential dental care, and so we provide sedation dentistry as part of our service.

Naturally, sedation dentistry can be used in a few ways. We offer:

Oral sedation dentistry – This is simply administered in the form of a pill that allows you to relax completely prior to your appointment, and you will enter the treatment rooms in a state of calm and peace.

Intravenous sedation dentistry – Our sedation dentistry experts can also use IV methods that will also provide a fast and effective sort of relief that enables you to undergo treatment in a state of complete calm. Some patients say they feel as if they did not even have treatment at all.

While a lot of adults will tell those with dental anxiety that they are being silly or childish, that is an unfair and unwarranted judgment. There are many reasons that people will dread a visit to the dentist to such an extent that they just avoid it altogether. Though many do overcome fears enough to visit when they are suffering from serious problems, we would prefer that they pay a visit before things proceed to any difficult level, such as advanced decay or gum disease.

This is why we encourage patients with any sort of fears or anxieties to get in touch with us to discuss their sedation dentist options. The one thing we can say is that any patient who opts for such treatment is  going to need someone to drive them to and from the visit. Sedation is sedation, and you will feel groggy for a short time after your visit is over.

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