The dental treatment known as dental crowns or porcelain crowns is one of the most familiar. This makes sense as it is one of the most flexible solutions to a surprising number of dental issues. Valuable as a reliable approach to restorative dentistry, it can also be put to use for some cosmetic issues, too. At Martin Dentistry in Stockton, CA we want to be sure our patients have no misconceptions about dental crowns, how they can be used and whether they are the ideal solution for their needs.

The Many Faces of Dental Crowns

As your preferred dentist in Stockton, we can provide crowns for teeth that are badly damaged by injury or decay, for teeth with overly large fillings or outdated amalgam fillings, as the finishing touch to a root canal or dental implant, or for a tooth that is misshapen or deeply stained. The work of our dental crowns specialist ensures that a crown is the right answer, yet we also want to alleviate any misconceptions about dental crowns that might exist.

For example, not all crowns are the same and this can make a difference in performance or suitability. Porcelain crowns and porcelain fused to metal crowns both behave a bit differently and need to be chosen accordingly. While price can often be a deciding factor for some patients, we review the various pros and cons of dental crowns of different kinds to ensure that no misconceptions about dental crowns steer them towards the wrong answer.

Such as? Well, there are risks of dark lines at the gum, heat or cold sensitivity, fragility, durability issues, fitting issues and even differences in how much tooth material will need to be removed. In other words, crowns are not a one size fits all solution, and knowing a few differences brings better results.

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