Whether you have good oral hygiene habits but find yourself struggling to control issues like decay or gum disease, or you have a long history of dental trouble, the team at Martin Dentistry in Stockton, CA wants you to know that you can actually take steps to naturally strengthen teeth.

As your chosen dentist in Stockton, we encourage you to come in once or twice each year for general dentistry treatments. These include the preventative dentistry measures such as thorough exams, cleanings and oral cancer screenings. Doing this several times per year lets us address any risks to your oral health before they have a chance to worsen or cause serious and costly problems.

Yet, in between those visits, you can implement some tooth strengthening tactics that, when part of your daily oral hygiene, can really lead to much healthier teeth and gums. Let’s spend some time looking at the best ways to strengthen teeth.

Simple Methods to Strengthen Teeth

Your Eating Habits

We encourage you to see this in two very specific ways. The first is to look at your diet in general. Making sure that you are not consuming all kinds of artificial sweeteners and sugars is one solid way to prevent a lot of harm to the teeth. However, starchy foods can be just as problematic. Even acidic foods like tomatoes, citrus and vinegar in excess cause problems.

The other way to look at your eating habits, apart from cutting sugary, starchy and acidic foods, is to look at how often you eat. If you brush and floss after each meal, but you snack several times between meals, you could be exposing your teeth to problems. Cut out sugary snacks and you can strengthen the teeth.

Also consider eating habits such as using straws for acidic drinks or ending meals with dairy foods like cheese or milk that coat the teeth in proteins that help strengthen teeth.

Your Oral Hygiene

The other route to tooth strengthening is to pay attention to your oral hygiene. Use the appropriate toothbrushes, pastes and rinses. Speak with us about the right options for your oral conditions, and even consider using rematerializing products that enhance the strength of enamel.

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