OTC or “over the counter” products can be a good way to save money. After all, there are many OTC products that you can use to relieve pain, correct skin conditions, and much more. However, the team at Martin Dentistry in Stockton, CA discourages all patients from considering the use of OTC teeth whitening.

Why? Over the counter whitening products are just no match to what we, as your preferred cosmetic dentist in Stockton can offer. The tooth whitening products you can find in pharmacies, big box department stores and other locations never feature the same ingredients as the professional products. They may provide mild, barely measurable amounts of teeth whitening, but you will have to use them week after week and typically well into the future.

When you turn to professional cosmetic dentistry solutions, and visit our tooth whitening specialist, you will quickly learn just why OTC teeth whitening is a waste of both time and money. For example, we know exactly how to apply whitening agents and have the specialized tools, compounds and even light appliances that yield nearly instant results. We know if your teeth are safe using certain ingredients or if your oral health requires some support before whitening can even be used.

Also note, many OTC teeth whitening products are without ADA (American Dental Association) approval, and that means they may not be safe or effective. They don’t clearly label a number of specific ingredients, their strength and whether you should use them if you have certain dental or health issues.

What a Dentist Offers

As your dentist, we are going to begin whitening with a full exam. If there are any issues with your teeth or gums, we ensure these are taken care of first. Then we can discuss the right whitening for your needs. We can do it in the office and whiten your teeth by several shades in a single visit, and all without risk of discomfort, bad reactions or wasted time. We can also make custom trays for you to use at home and give professional quality compounds that are safe and effective.

With OTC teeth whitening there are no guarantees of effectiveness or safety. Why put yourself at risk when you can get premium results for far less expense, and enjoy results that will last for many months afterward.

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