How often do visit our dental office? If you say regularly, do you mean once a year? Twice? At Martin Dentistry in Stockton, CA, we want to encourage all of our patients to visit your dentist regularly in order to enjoy optimal oral health and wellness. By regularly, we mean twice annually, as this is the best route to preventing any serious issues from occurring before being discovered.

As your chosen dentist in Stockton, we offer you the fullest array of preventative dentistry and general dentistry options. What that means is very simple; we provide you with cleanings, comprehensive exams, oral cancer screenings, gum disease prevention, and the general dentistry solutions for any problems that appear as a result of a dental exam.

When you do this sort of thing every six months, it ensures that we are able to quickly identify issues (even if you are unaware of them), and get things under control. When you don’t visit your dentist regularly, serious issues have plenty of time to develop and cause far more costly, complex and painful issues.

As the simplest example, consider the patient who does not come for regular preventative treatment. They may have a tiny amount of surface decay that could be treated with a bit of bonding or a filling. Instead, this easily and affordably addressed issue goes untreated. They start to feel pain when eating or drinking, they start to experience a dull throb, and soon, the pain forces them to seek treatment. It now requires a root canal and a porcelain crown (which means at least two visits and a great deal more expense).

All of this was easily avoidable by regular dental visits. When you visit your dentist regularly, you provide yourself with that proverbial ounce of prevention that is far more beneficial and appealing than the later pound of cure. A visit can also allow us to help you to optimize your dental hygiene routine, guide you towards at home treatments that can maximize your oral health, and allow you to enjoy the best teeth and gums imaginable.

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