Dentures are one of the most reliable forms of restorative dentistry. At Martin Dentistry in Stockton, CA, we provide our patients with access to a dentures specialist who works with them to create the very best solutions possible. Flawlessly fitted, natural looking and highly effective, the dentures soon become a major part of a patient’s higher quality of life. Yet, for new denture wearers, there is an adjustment period. Let’s take some time to learn some tips that we have gleaned from your fellow denture wearers.

As your preferred dentist in Stockton, we can reassure you with the fact that almost all new denture wearers experience some universal issues. They include:

Struggling to eat with the dentures in place

This is entirely expected as you are not only getting used to the dentures but also trying to master using them as substitutes for your teeth. Therefore, one of the best tips we offer new denture wearers is to plan on a soft diet for the first days. Everything from soup and yogurt to ice cream and eggs are ideal. Most find that they can start tackling more complicated foods around one to two weeks after getting dentures.

Difficulty speaking

Those who are new to dentures say that words starting with the letters “S” and “F” are tough to master. That is why we suggest that you spend your first few days practicing speech in front of a mirror. It can help you see and feel the way the dentures work, and this is a big part in mastering speech with dentures.

An uncomfortable bite

This is something that many new denture wearers don’t watch for, but which we strongly encourage them to pay attention to. If your bite feels out of position or uncomfortable, come in for an adjustment. You should never feel that your jaws are aligning wrong or uncomfortably, so don’t hesitate to pay a visit.

Questions About Your New Dentures? Contact Our Dentist

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