Are you considering some cosmetic dentistry? If so, have you started to focus on porcelain veneers as a viable solution? They are one of the most popular and frequently chosen treatments, and at Martin Dentistry in Stockton, CA we always explain the entire porcelain veneers procedure to help them with the decision-making process.

As your trusted dentist in Stockton, we may suggest dental veneers for a number of reasons. They can include gapped teeth, unevenly sized teeth, teeth that are deeply stained and unresponsive to whitening, chipped or cracked teeth and teeth of uneven lengths. Interestingly enough, the porcelain veneers procedure for all of these issues is the same.

The way it works is actually very simple and straightforward:

  • The first part of the porcelain veneers procedure is to prepare the teeth. What this means is that we have to make room for the veneers by removing some of the tooth’s enamel.
  • The next step is to make molds from which the new veneers will be made. Our cosmetic dentist is also going to ensure that the color of the veneers is identical to the teeth nearby, as this guarantees that your veneers look entirely natural.
  • Temporary veneers are placed on the prepared teeth, and a lab receives the order for your veneers.
  • When the new veneers arrive, we have you come in and they are bonded to the teeth. They are a permanent fix to the cosmetic issues, and you can leave with a corrected smile.

We use anesthetic throughout each step, so there is no pain or discomfort during the porcelain veneers procedure. We also take steps to ensure that your bite is preserved and comfortable. The procedure allows you to use the veneers as you did the original, natural teeth, and they will remain strong and functional over the long-term.

Learn More About Porcelain Veneers During Your Appointment

They are a great option for a diversity of needs, but they are not suitable for all cosmetic goals. If you have severely gapped or misaligned teeth, our team can suggest more appropriate procedures. Are you curious to learn more about the procedures or processes involved in porcelain veneers? If so, give us a call at our Stockton, CA office at 209-951-4251. You can also use our online contact form and one of our staff will get back to you promptly.