If you speak with a dental implants specialist about the different steps in dental implants aftercare, they will tell you that there are actually a few “phases” of care. At Martin Dentistry in Stockton, CA, we agree with this perspective on the matter and offer up tips for those who have just received dental implants.

As your preferred dentist in Stockton, we are all about patient education. Though we will go over all┬áthe different points relating to dental implants aftercare following treatment, we also want to be certain that you can prepare yourself ahead of time. We did mention that implant dentistry aftercare occurs in phases, so let’s look at those phases now:

Immediately after

This is the period in the hours that follow treatment. You must avoid any eating and drinking until the anesthetic is worn off. Even then, do not swish water around the implant. Be careful, too, of poking or prodding it with the tongue, and try to just take it easy for 48 hours after surgery. Bleeding is not uncommon but should stop within the first 24 hours. Use an ice pack on any swelling and then switch to heat after the first 24 hours. Pain is not unusual, but it is mild and easily remedied with aspirin or ibuprofen.

Days after

After healing has begun, you can transition back to a normal routine of oral hygiene, being careful to avoid the implant site. Your diet should remain soft to prevent any issues with stitches and use gentle warm water salt rinses to help with swelling, bacteria, and discomfort.

Weeks after

Once healing is well under way, you may feel “back to normal”. Remember that any crown is a temporary crown and needs to be treated gingerly. Don’t floss like normal, just run the thread through space between two teeth. Brush gently and avoid hard or sticky foods as you don’t want to lose the crown or cause the implant to shift.

Your dental implants aftercare also involves regular checkups. Never miss an appointment during healing as our restorative dentistry needs to keep an eye on your progress. Dental implants aftercare is not challenging but does require patience and attention.

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