If you have lost one or more teeth, you are a good candidate for restorative dentistry, and implant dentistry is probably something you have already started to consider. If so, you are likely interested in assessing the various pros and cons of dental implants, and the team here at Martin Dentistry in Stockton, CA wants to help.

As your preferred dentist in Stockton, we emphasize patient education, and this applies to basics as well as more complex matters like dental implants. One of the best ways to get an accurate portrait of anything is to run a pro and con comparison. So, let’s take a bit of time to explore the various pros and cons of dental implants in order to help your decision-making process.

Let’s start with the “bad news” or the cons:


Many people instantly think of the costs of implants as a definitive con on any list of the pros and cons of dental implants. Yet, over the long-term, implants can reduce the expense of dental care. They do not decay, they require only regular brushing and flossing, and once bonded to the bone are nearly impossible to disrupt.

Additional treatment

If you have inadequate jaw bone, it will mean a graft. If you have uncontrolled medical issues like diabetes, it means getting that addressed first.


The process of healing is actually one in which the implant bonds to the bone, known as osseointegration. This takes a lot of time, and many people view that as a con.

Now for the many pros in that list of the pros and cons of dental implants:

They look real

Unlike other kinds of restorations, implants are incredibly realistic and no one will know you have a “false” tooth

They work like real teeth

Because they replace both the root and crown, they maintain the integrity of the jaw and gum, while also working exactly as a natural tooth. You eat, speak and look like yourself.

Optimally comfortable

They are fixed and permanent, making many people much more confident and comfortable. Dentures slip, but implants are like natural teeth, and this brings a great deal of comfort.


Implants come in many forms (single, multi and as part of other restorations), and this makes them appealing to many.

Our dental implants specialist is the best person to consult about the ways that the pros and cons affect you, but many agree that implants are a wonderful way to replace lost teeth.

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