What’s on your holiday list this year? If you are missing teeth, you might want to add that to your holiday list. Fortunately, at Martin Implants, we have all of the restorative dentistry options for you to restore your smile for 2019. This means that we can replace all of your missing teeth and give you back your ability to eat and speak at ease. Our Stockton dentists are here to help you restore your smile using dentures. Find out how Martin Implants can help you achieve a healthier and more functional smile for 2019.

Dentures in Stockton Can Help You Eat with Ease

Although the holidays are about giving to others, when is the last time you gave something to yourself? If you are currently living with missing teeth, you are most likely living a lower quality of life than you deserve. Eating, speaking and even smiling can feel stressful with missing teeth so why not give yourself a solution for the holidays? Spend 2019 with a beautiful smile that is functional. For example, when you decide to replace your missing teeth with dentures, this will help you eat with ease. It can be difficult to chew all types of foods and especially bite into certain foods when you have missing teeth. This can also force you to limit your diet to soft foods.

After a while of eating only soft foods, you are most likely missing crunch apples, steaks or even corn on the cob. Experience all of your favorite foods again when you decide to restore your smile in 2019 with dentures. We can replace your entire mouth of teeth, just a jaw or just sections if you need it. We offer partials, full sets as well as implant supported dentures. There’s an option for every patient at our dental office.

Dentures Can Replace Your Missing Teeth

When you have missing teeth, this can make smiling feel quite embarrassing, especially if it’s in front of your mouth. Take the embarrassment away from something as natural as a smile when you decide to replace your missing teeth with dentures. Dentures can replace all of your missing teeth as well as provide you with a beautiful and natural looking smile. This will allow you to feel confident when you smile once again. Doesn’t 2019 sound great when you don’t have to think twice about smiling?

Speak Easier with New Teeth

Most people don’t realize that your teeth actually play a role in your mouth when it comes to speaking. When you begin to lose teeth, this can affect the way you speak, causing you to lisp or other speech problems. Once you replace these missing teeth, you can solve your speech problems and speak at ease. Although you should know that when you first receive your dentures, you may speak with a lisp until your tongue gets used to wearing the dentures.

The best way to overcome this new lisp is by talking with your dentures in as much as possible. If you ever wore a retainer in the past, this is much like the feeling of wearing a retainer. After you get used to wearing the dentures, you will find that you are able to speak with ease just like you were before you had missing teeth. Any lisps or other speech impediments that formed will disappear.

Dentures are Affordable

Want another reason to restore your smile in 2019 with dentures? You should know that dentures are quite affordable. In most cases, your dental insurance will actually help you pay for them. If you have been putting off dental work because you’re worried that you can’t afford it, visit us for a consultation first. Our staff can tell you about the different payment options we have available to make things more affordable for you. We can also tell you how much you will need to pay for your dentures after your insurance covers part of it. Dentures might be more affordable than you think. Visit us today to see just how affordable they can be.

Dentures Can Give You Back Your Self-Confidence

Need another reason to restore your smile with dentures? Dentures can help you restore your self-confidence. If you are embarrassed by your smile and find that you either smile with your mouth shut or cover it most of the time, restoring your smile with dentures might be a smart idea. See how increased self-confidence can improve your life?

We Also Offer Implant Supported Dentures

Want more support than traditional dentures? We also offer implant supported dentures for those patients who want to replace their teeth but keep the feeling of natural teeth. With all-on-four dentures, you can have your dentures secured with just 4 dental implants per jaw. This cuts down on the length of the surgery and the cost of the implants.

Dentures Stay In Your Mouth

If you’re worried that your dentures will fall out at the wrong times, don’t. With today’s technology, you never have to worry about your dentures falling out. This is thanks to advanced impression technology that captures every groove in your mouth to create the perfect fitting dentures. They won’t slip or slide when you’re speaking or eating.

Experience a Full, Beautiful Smile Once Again

How long have you been living without teeth? If it’s been a while, getting dentures can be a life-changing event. Once you have a complete smile once again, you will great about smiling while showing your teeth. You will also feel more confident when speaking or eating your favorite foods. See how much your life can improve with dentures.

Schedule a Dentures Consultation in Stockton Today

Ready to restore your smile for 2019? See how dentures can improve your smile, confidence, and quality of life. Visit Martin Implants in Stockton for your choice for full, partial and implant supported dentures. Schedule a consultation with our Stockton dentists by giving us a call or filling out our online contact form today.