Am I a Candidate Cosmetic Dentistry?candidate for cosmetic dentistry

When you are not hiding your smile, you appear happier, more confident, more attractive, and more joyful. If those sound like qualities you want to present to the world, you may be a good candidate for cosmetic dentistry. This branch of dental care is primarily concerned with how your smile looks, and as your cosmetic dentist in Stockton, we want to help you feel comfortable showing off your smile anytime.

Candidates for Cosmetic Dentistry

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • I hate the appearance of that one tooth in my smile.
  • I am self-conscious about smiling too big.
  • I often hide my smile behind my hand, or look down to smile.
  • I avoid smiling when people are standing close enough to see my teeth.
  • I do not like to laugh because it shows the silver fillings in the back of my mouth.

If any of that sounded like you, you are definitely a candidate for cosmetic dentistry. Picture yourself with the perfect white smile that you have always wanted, and you know what your cosmetic dentist in Stockton can do for you.

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

When you are a candidate for cosmetic dentistry, there are a wide range of treatments that could be used to help. Your cosmetic dentistry specialist may suggest everything from teeth whitening and tooth-colored fillings to cosmetic veneers and dental crowns. You may even wish to create a smile makeover package, which is a custom package of every cosmetic dentistry procedure that would be beneficial to your smile.

Learn More from Your Dentist in Stockton

Interested in learning more about cosmetic dentistry? The best way to find out if you are a candidate for cosmetic dentistry is to contact our Stockton office and schedule a consultation. We can help you understand all the treatment options, and how each could help your smile. Find us online or call 209-951-4251.

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