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If you have had a tooth that is severely decayed or has sustained a trauma, then chances are that you would have needed a root canal. Now you have your bite back, and you have a dental crown in place to protect the tooth that was treated. Your crown looks just like the rest of your teeth and the good news is you can pretty much treat it the same way you do the rest of your teeth, since it really does not require any special care. Dental crowns aftercare is just as easy as looking after your natural teeth.

New to Crowns?

Perhaps you have just had your first dental crowns, and aftercare is a concern for you. Barring trauma to the mouth, many dental patients do not have to worry about crowns until they reach middle age, when the ravages of time begin to manifest as cracked or weakened teeth. Again, though, don’t worry – dental crowns aftercare is not complicated. Once your crown has been made and cemented in place, it will be at least as strong as your natural teeth, and perhaps even stronger. It will also not be vulnerable to decay.

This does not mean, though, that you can neglect your oral health. In fact, if you neglect your dental crowns aftercare, you could be subject to decay in the adjacent teeth, and also to gum disease, either of which could cause your crowns to become compromised, loosen, and ultimately fail.

The 411 on Dental Crowns Aftercare

Essentially, all you need to do to care for your dental crowns is continue to brush and floss as we hope you always have, and see your Stockton dentist for a checkup every six months. If you just do these simple things, you can rely on your dental crowns to last a long time. You can bite and chew just the same way you always have. Even teeth that have been very badly damaged can be fixed using dental crowns, and aftercare is no more onerous than any sensible regimen of oral health.

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