dental crowns FAQsDental Crowns FAQs

You have probably heard about dental crowns. If you have not, then you have almost certainly seen them – on your favorite actors. How else would they have those dazzling, perfect teeth? Crowns are not just for appearance’s sake, though – they can correct a multitude of functional issues as well. If you have questions about dental crowns, we invite you to speak with us at Martin Dentistry in Stockton, CA. In the meantime, these dental crowns FAQs should get you started.

What Do Dental Crowns Correct?

Dental crowns can be used to fix broken teeth, large fillings that are becoming loose, serious fracturing, and significant decay. Each crown fits over a damaged tooth and protects it from becoming even more damaged. In short, crowns restore not just the appearance of your mouth, but its function as well.

Should I Consider Dental Crowns?

If you are just concerned with appearance, you could be just as well served by porcelain veneers, which can correct a lot of imperfections, but are not a full restoration like dental crowns. However, if you have a lot of dental damage, crowns are likely to be the better solution.

What is a Full Restoration?

Dental crowns are called full restorations because they cover the entire tooth, not just the front the way porcelain veneers do.

Could I Just Go With a Bonding Treatment?

This type of treatment is only suitable for minor damage. If your dentist has recommended dental crowns, it is because the damage is so severe that the only other option would be extraction.

My Tooth Doesn’t Hurt – Can I Just Leave It This Way?

That would not be a good idea. Cracks, fractures and breaks are not going to somehow magically get better, and in fact, they are only going to get worse. Ultimately, you will end up with further damage, and possibly decay as well. Dental crowns will give you back your ability to bite and chew properly.

Will I Need a Dental Crown Following a Root Canal?

Almost certainly. Root canals are a means of treating dental infections, which usually take hold once the integrity of the tooth is severely compromised. Following the root canal, your dentist will install a dental crown to protect the root of the tooth and give you back functionality.

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