misconceptions about dental crownsMisconceptions About Dental Crowns

You have no doubt heard the term “Let the buyer beware,” and have probably applied it to any number of purchases you have thought about making. Good for you. It’s indisputable that there are always people out there who are going to want to scam you. Your dentist is not usually one of those people, though, so with that in mind, we should talk about common misconceptions about dental crowns. What you have been told might not necessarily be the truth.

Dental Crowns Look Fake

No, they do not. You probably hear this over and over, but the reality is that dental crowns look no different from the rest of your teeth. This is because they are made from porcelain – a material that looks very much like a normal tooth.

Getting Dental Crowns Hurts

When was the last time your dentist hurt you? Probably, when you went in for a procedure, your dentist made sure you were well and truly “numbed up” before working on you, and it is the same way with dental crowns.

Dental Crowns Cost a Fortune

Dental crowns are not the cheapest item in your dentist’s toolbox, but they are not the most expensive, either. If the choice is between dental implants and dental crowns as a means of restoring a damaged tooth or giving you back your smile, then crowns will be considerably more cost-effective. Most of the time, too, dental crowns will get the job done equally well, so talk with your dentist about your options.

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