Dental Implants Overview of Procedure

Dental Implants Overview

“I’m so glad I’ve lost my teeth,” said no one, ever. Losing your teeth over a period of time to decay is unpleasant and depressing. Losing them thanks to a blow to the mouth is traumatic. And regardless of how you lose your teeth, you are going to find that you are no longer able to bite and chew in the way to which you have been accustomed. You are probably also not going to want to smile, and you may even try to keep your lips close together when you speak so people will not notice that you do not have all of your teeth. Thanks to dental implants, though, you can have your bite and your smile restored to the way it was before you lost your teeth.

Problems with Tooth Loss

Of course the damage to your smile, and your difficulty chewing are huge problems when you lose your teeth. What you may not know, though, is that there are other issues as well. When you have missing teeth, you immediately begin to experience a loss of bone in your jaw. Even a single missing tooth can cause a bone loss of around 10%.

Additionally, when you lose teeth, your face will begin to droop, and your remaining teeth will begin to crowd in, trying to fill the gaps. You can end up with serious misalignment, and even find that it is harder to keep your teeth clean, which could lead to further tooth loss due to decay.


Fortunately, you have access to a range of solutions, including dentures and partial bridges. By far the best solution, though, is dental implants. The advantage to dental implants is that they will, in every way that matters, look and feel exactly like your original teeth.

Dental implants are titanium posts that your dentist in Stockton places surgically in your jaw. The implants support crowns that are made to match your natural teeth.

The Benefits

Dental implants will never decay. All you have to do to protect them is brush and floss, and still make sure to see your dentist for checkups to ensure that you do not develop gum disease. The only things that can damage your implants are the same things that could hurt natural teeth – gum disease, or a blow to the mouth. Even mouth trauma will not destroy the implants – just the crowns, and they can be replaced.

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