Nobody ever says “I can’t wait until the day when I can have all my teeth extracted and get dentures.” However, at some point you may end up with tooth loss that is going to result in the need for some sort of prosthetic teeth. Dental implants are by far the best solution, but they are not always practical. We cannot tell you that implants are not expensive, and the fact is that most insurers will not cover them.

Also, there are a few medical conditions that can make installing implants a bit risky. For instance, if you have diabetes or cancer, implants are not always possible. If, for whatever reason, dental implants are not right for you, a well-made set of dentures is often the next best treatment. There are many pros and cons choosing dentures for your restorative option.

Why Dentures?

Getting back to tooth loss, perhaps you have sustained a blow to your mouth. We have all seen athletes who did not wear mouth guards and reaped the unfortunate consequences. You may have neglected your oral health to the point where extraction is the only option. Or it could just be the luck of the draw – often, people whose parents were predisposed to tooth decay have the same problem.

Whatever the reason for your tooth loss, you need a solution.

The Benefits

Dentures fit over your jawbone and replace your missing teeth. You have probably heard horror stories about dentures slipping or even falling out, but you can safely consign these stories to the realm of urban legend. The fact is that modern dentures are so well made, thanks to modern imaging and manufacturing methods, that they are very unlikely to slip or slide.

denturesYou have probably also heard that you are going to have to give up steak and pork chops, unless you want to run them through a blender. Corn on the cob is permanently off the menu. And don’t even think about chewing gum or taffy. Again, this is not true. With dentures that are properly made, fitted and lined, you can enjoy all the foods you used to love.

Now, a bit of a disclaimer – we are not going to tell you that dentures are just as good as your own teeth, or that they will feel as natural as implants. The fact is, they will take a little getting used to, particularly if you have had them made and installed after having several extractions. Your gums are going to need to shrink in order for your dentures to fit, and you will need some time to adjust to having them in your mouth. While you are waiting for your permanent dentures your dentist will make you a set of temporary dentures. They will not be a perfect fit, but you will get used to how dentures are going to feel. Once you have your permanent dentures, you will be accustomed to the way they feel and will not need much of an adjustment period.

Types of Dentures

The dentures you will require will depend on how many teeth are missing, and where they are missing. If you have only a few teeth gone, and they are in sequence, then the best choice will likely be a partial denture.

You can also replace a few missing teeth with an implant-supported denture, which is nearly as good as full implants, but considerably less expensive.

If you have many teeth missing, and you expect that you will lose more in the near future, then your best course of action is to have your remaining teeth extracted and a full denture created.

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