Dentures Facts

dentures factsThere are a number of ways to fix the problem of missing teeth, and dentures are one of the most cost-effective ways. If implants are not in your budget, then the following denture facts will help you to see why dentures can be the next best choice. Read on to learn more, and then contact your Stockton dentist for more information.

Fact #1: Dentures Will Last a Long Time

Of course you have to take this in the context that nothing is forever, but properly cared for, your dentures will definitely serve you well for quite some time. Keep in mind, though, that as you age, you will experience some shrinking in your mouth, and your dentures will probably have to be re-lined periodically. At some point, too, changes in your mouth or normal wear and tear may mean that you will need to replace your dentures.

Fact #2: Dentures Look Natural

Yes, it really is true – modern dentures look no different than your natural teeth. In fact, they can even improve your appearance because you will no longer have the sagging in your face that goes with missing teeth.

Fact #3: Modern Dentures Do Not Slide or Slip

Virtually everyone has a story about the time an elderly family member lost their dentures while eating corn on the cob, or had them fall out at the worst possible time. The fact is this no longer happens. Modern dentures are very well-fitted, so you can enjoy the foods you love and not have to worry about being embarrassed by the kinds of occurrences that plagued your grandparents.

Fact #4: You Will Not Speak Weird

This is one of the biggest worries people have about dentures, but the evidence suggests something very different. You might have a couple of days where you find yourself lisping or slurring, but that is just a normal part of getting used to dentures. Once your lips and tongue become accustomed to your dentures (usually in a day or two) you will have no trouble speaking properly.

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Now that you know about dentures, the facts are clear – dentures can be a very effective way of replacing missing teeth. If you have more questions, feel free to contact us at Martin Dentistry in Stockton. You can call us at 209-951-4251 for an appointment, or book a consultation using the form on our Contact Us page.