Misconceptions About Denturesmisconceptions about dentures

There are several misconceptions about dentures, and that is unfortunate because they may make people who could benefit from dentures reluctant to wear them. Following are five of the most common misconceptions about dentures, followed by the facts.

Misconception #1: You Will Not Be Able to Eat Properly When Wearing Dentures

This is probably the most common of all the misconceptions about dentures. The truth is that assuming your dentures are properly fitted and lined, you can eat anything you want to – even apples and corn on the cob. If your dentures are affecting what you are able to eat, see your dentist to have them adjusted.

Misconception #2: You Will Need Only One Set of Dentures for the Rest of Your Life

It would be wonderful if this were true, but it is not. Your mouth changes over time, and in ten or so years, you may need another set. Dentures can also chip or crack, the same as natural teeth. Of course if you take good care of your dentures, you can extend their life.

Misconception #3: Dentures Look Phony

This was not a misconception about dentures back in your grandparents’ day, but the ways of making dentures and the materials used have changed a great deal since then. Provided that your dentures are properly fitted, and you are cleaning them effectively, the only way anyone will know that you are wearing dentures is if you choose to tell them.

Misconception #4: You Can Say Goodbye to Your Dentist if You Have Dentures

You still have to get regular dental checkups. Even if you do not have one single natural tooth in your mouth, you could still develop gum disease. Your dentist also checks you for conditions like oral cancer, so even if you are wearing full dentures, you should still see your dentist every six months.

Misconception #5: Dentures are Expensive

If you have dental insurance, it will probably cover at least part of the cost of your dentures. Regardless, dentures are the least expensive way of replacing missing teeth. Your dentist in Stockton can tell you about all of the options that are available to you.

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