Benefits of Sedation DentistrySedation Dentistry

Everyone is afraid of something – spiders, heights, closed-in s
paces, the dark, clowns – you name it. Unfortunately, a lot of people are also afraid of the dentist. And it does not matter how irrational you know that fear is. In your head, you know that the dentist only wants to help you, and that he will make sure your visit to his office is as pleasant as possible, but your gut is telling you otherwise. So, what are you going to do? Consider the benefits of sedation dentistry.

Don’t Neglect Your Dental Health

Again, you know that dental treatments are intended to make you feel better, not to hurt you. But some people are so afraid of the dentist that they neglect their oral health. If this is the case, then the benefits of sedation dentistry can work to make things better. You do not want to avoid dental appointments, because if you do, any issues that you have are going to get worse and require more extensive treatments down the road.

About Sedation Dentistry

You might think that sedation dentistry means that you will be asleep while being treated, but that is not the case. One of the foremost benefits of sedation dentistry is that you will be awake while you are being treated, but you will be very, very relaxed. You will not be troubled by what the dentist is doing, and in fact, when your treatment is over, you may not even remember anything about it.

How It Works

One of the most commonly used types of sedation dentistry is nitrous oxide. You may have heard it referred to as “laughing gas,” but the truth is that you will not be laughing. We really do not even know how nitrous oxide came by that nickname. Nitrous oxide is conscious sedation – you will be awake, not at all apprehensive, and will be enjoying the benefits of sedation dentistry.

Oral sedation is also available. This is simply a pill that you will take before your dental treatment that will relax you. Again, you will be awake and able to guide the course of your treatment, but you will not be troubled by the drill or the needle. You will simply accept it.

Sound Impossible?

It really isn’t. Dentists would very much prefer that you did not fear them, but they know that they are high on the list of things that people are afraid of, so they take measures to ensure that you can have dental treatment without panicking, tensing up, or even being the least bit nervous. Your dentist does not want you to be afraid. In fact, the more relaxed you are, the easier your treatment goes, so your dentist will be more than happy to tell you about the benefits of sedation dentistry.

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