sedation dentistry FAQsSedation Dentistry FAQs

Does the mere thought of sitting in the dentist chair strike terror into your heart? At Martin Dentistry in Stockton, CA, we most definitely do not want you to feel that way. So, we have ways of enabling you to relax to the point where you will not mind your dental treatment at all. Read our sedation dentistry FAQs to learn more about sedation dentistry, and then call us at Martin Dentistry in Stockton, CA when you are ready to book your appointment.

What Exactly is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is, at its essence, any technique that allows a patient to relax completely during dental treatment. Different types of sedation may be used.

At Martin Dentistry, we do not use general anesthesia, so you will not be asleep during your dental treatment. However, you will be incredibly relaxed.

If Not General Anesthetic, Then What?

The most common type of sedation that we use is nothing more than a pill that you take about an hour before your appointment. If you are not having a long procedure, this can be the best option. If you will be spending a bit of time in the chair, then you may be better served by intravenous sedation. Whichever method is used, though, you can be assured that even if you have very high dental anxiety, you will not be troubled by what the dentist is doing.

Does the Sedation Make Me Feel Weird?

No. The only thing that makes your sedation dentistry experience different from any other appointment is that you will not be afraid.

Before your appointment, you and your dentist will talk about the type of sedation dentistry that is best for you. Then, during the appointment, your dentist will constantly monitor you to make sure that you are always relaxed. You will still be able to direct the course of treatment and communicate with your dentist. Afterward, though, you may not remember what transpired.

Will There Be Much “Down Time”?

No.  You will not be able to drive yourself home after your appointment, nor will you be able to return to work the same day. Usually, though, you can resume normal activities the following day.

Contact Our Sedation Dentist in Stockton

These sedation dentistry FAQs are an overview of what you can expect with sedation dentistry. If you would like to learn more, get in touch with us at Martin Dentistry in Stockton, CA. We want to make sure that you enjoy a stress-free dental experience, so contact us at 209-951-4251. To learn more about sedation dentistry, read our sedation dentistry overview, the benefits of sedation dentistry, and learn if you are a candidate for the procedure.

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