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There are very few things sadder than watching a person try so hard not to smile, when what they really want to do is laugh out loud, just because their teeth are discolored. Does that sound like you? Do you try not to laugh because you are afraid to show your teeth, or even try not to move your lips all that much when you talk?

There are a number of cosmetic dentistry treatments available that can correct unsightly teeth, but maybe all you really need is a tooth whitening treatment. Tooth whitening isn’t for everyone but it does have several pros and very few cons. It is one of the least expensive cosmetic procedures available, and could very well give you the smile that you want. There are many benefits of teeth whitening treatment.

What About Over-the-Counter Whiteners?

Practically everyone who has ever felt that their teeth were a bit too dingy, or a bit too yellow, has at least considered the drugstore whitening treatments that you see advertised in magazines, on television and online. Those who have taken it a step further and tried them have generally found that the results are less than stellar.

This is because commercially available whitening treatments do not contain the powerful whiteners that you can get from your dentist. Best case scenario, they might whiten your teeth by a shade or two. Worst case scenario, they will not work at all.

If you really want to blast away stains, you want to bring out the heavy artillery.

Zoom! Teeth Whiteningteeth whitening

One of the treatments we offer at Martin Dentistry is the Zoom! Whitening system. You will start your treatment in-office, where Dr. Doug or Dr. Dax will select a tray containing a strong whitening gel. He will make sure that it is a comfortable fit for you, and then all you have to do is take it easy in the chair for about half an hour, read a book, watch television, listen to music, or whatever else pleases you while the gel works. Right away, you will see several shades of whitening. Then, your dentist will give you trays to take home so that you can continue your whitening treatments at your leisure.

Opalescence Whitening Treatments

Opalescence bypasses the in-office stage. It is a take-home teeth whitening treatment, consisting of kits that contain a whitening gel that uses 20% peroxide to lift stains from your teeth and give you the smile you deserve.

Opalescence also offers additional benefits, in that it is suitable for even sensitive teeth, and also prevents tooth decay by hardening your tooth enamel. And since you take it home with you, you can use it on your days off, or even while you are sleeping. It could not be any more convenient.

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