Misconceptions About Teeth Whiteningmisconceptions about teeth whitening

Are you considering some tooth whitening? If so, you may hear some friends or family advising against it simply because they are suffering under some of the misconceptions about teeth whitening. At Martin Dentistry in Stockton, CA, patients are in the skilled hands of a tooth whitening specialist, and won’t even have treatment recommended until their teeth and gums are in top condition. This is important because it is behind many of the misconceptions about teeth whitening.

Visiting a Cosmetic Dentist

As a preferred cosmetic dentist in Stockton, we offer a full menu of general, restorative and cosmetic treatments. We approach treatment by first ensuring that our patients have the healthiest smiles, then we look at any concerns they might have with esthetics. Sometimes, cosmetic treatments can actually improve function, but tooth whitening is a bit different.

It is a treatment that brightens the teeth by several shades in a single visit. It can greatly enhance a patient’s self-confidence and it gives everyone a radiant glow of health. However, there are some misconceptions about teeth whitening that keep patients away from the treatment. They include:

It is painful

This is not true at all. While some with already sensitive teeth and gums may experience a bit of discomfort, we can also use a different formula and provide de-sensitizing toothpaste that alleviates such issues.

It harms the teeth

Because you are working with a specialist who uses only American Dental Association approved formulas, there is no risk of harm to the teeth. It is only the many over the counter treatments that can damage gum and enamel.

It is for everyone and all teeth

This is a serious misconception. Not everyone can use treatment (pregnant or breastfeeding women and people under 16 are some examples). It also does not work on restorations such as crowns or veneers.

These are some of the most persistent mistakes about the treatment. If you have been considering it, you now know that certain concerns can be set aside.

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