Teeth Whitening Overview of Procedure

Teeth Whitening Overview

If you have dull, dingy or yellowed teeth, you may have considered many different options for teeth whitening. Usually, the first course of action that most people take is to buy whitening toothpaste, or whitening strips, from a drug store. They quickly find out that whitening toothpastes do not do much better for them than any ordinary type of toothpaste. Then they discover that the whitening strips work, sort of, on the front of the teeth, but since they do not cover the back teeth, they are unable to smile the way they want to – they have a couple of shades of whitening, best case scenario, on the front, and none at all on the back. This is usually the point where people think about going to their dentist for professional teeth whitening treatments.

Types of Teeth Whitening

If you are considering professional teeth whitening from your dentist, you have a couple of options. You can go with in-office whitening treatments, during which you simply relax in the dentist chair while trays that contain special whitening compounds are placed in your mouth. You could also go with at-home trays that you can use at your leisure. You can also consider a combination of the two.

The Benefits

The benefits of professional teeth whitening probably do not really have to be explained – obviously, you end up with whiter teeth. And what that means is that you get the dazzling smile you have always wanted. There is another benefit as well, and one that you may not have thought of. You will probably, following teeth whitening, enjoy better oral health – not because of anything that the whitening treatment did. After all, you know that teeth whitening is not going to correct cavities or cure gum disease. But you will probably find that now that your teeth look so good, you are more invested in taking care of them. If you have been lax about brushing and flossing, a gleaming smile can provide the incentive you need that you do just that.

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